Earn More First Flight Requests Now; 7 Essential Videos from The Book of Outreach


Thanks to each of you that communicated after last week’s BLOG requesting you let us know what matters most to you to be included in The Book of Outreach. Your suggestions are in.

The book, Webinar series, and 27 videos are for you to help the safest and most worthy flight programs to earn first flight requests to provide those counting on you with the highest probability of a positive outcome.


If you truly desire to astonish your customers and earn more first flight requests – for 30 days – you can gain access to a series of 7 (of the 27) Flight Request Stimulator videos that will provide you essentials to become familiar with some of what OutreachU and The Book of Outreach are offering.

The Essential 7 are proven to work – if the skill sets are applied correctly and relentlessly.

If you have the commitment to apply what is in these short videos, you can begin to improve your Outreach and how you astonish customers immediately.

But – that’s up to you.

Five of those that subscribe to this offering BEFORE 1400 ET, 19TH APRIL 2019 QUALIFY TO WIN FREE ACCESS TO 20 ADDITIONAL VIDEOS FOR ONE YEAR – a $495.00 VALUE.

All that invest in the 7 Essentials will be provided first access to the entire series of videos and the limited edition of The Book of Outreach; How to Astonish Customers and Earn Flight Requests to be released soon.

ROI = (Your Average Value Per Flight Request) / $49.00.

The national average value per flight request is $4,900.00. Do the math…a healthy ROI for your investment of $49.00 to earn more flight requests.

The question is; How bad do you want it?

Do you truly want to be first to earn the flight requests so that those counting on you will have the highest probability of a positive outcome?

The skill sets work.

In The Book of Outreach, much more detail will be provided. Get a head start NOW.

UPDATE 1100 ET: Thanks to those that invested today! We will be following up with some additional actions to help you in appreciation for your rapid commitment.  

UPDATE 1551 ET: We just learned that Vimeo, “for legal reasons” does not enable us to know who purchased our videos. For those that have – and those that do – please e.mail rich@OutreachU.com to let us know that you took action. 

You must be rewarded as we had planned and you must be in the drawing for the full-year of all 27 videos at no charge. I apologize for the extra effort you must make because I did not realize we would not be receiving data on video purchasers.

Be in touch any time rich@OutreachU.com  330.623.5910