Are You Boring or Are You Using the E5 Formula to Differentiate Your Videos, BLOGs and Podcasts

As Web 3.0 continues to play a vital role in an organization’s outreach, content-marketing and enterprise development – initiatives utilizing blogs,  video and podcasts must be high-velocity to high-yield – meaning – it’s all about speed to cash in the bank.

E5 PODCASTING PRIORITIES  came about after reading an article by Tim Bourquin. ThinkThroughTools created a “logo” based on Tim’s content that represents the five ascending essentials that should be part of each podcast, blog or video you produce.

Keep in mind – individuals are overwhelmed – during every waking (and some – sleeping) moment – with messages and information trying to attract the attention of their senses, minds and emotional centers. When you focus first – to;

  • Entertain (especially using nano-niche relevant humor) – then
  • Engage – next
  • Educate – then make the podcast, blog or video
  • Easy to consume – then finally
  • Encourage action (ideally only one call to action) you can vastly increase your certainty to achieve a high-velocity high-yield on your investment.


As it relates to business videos in particular – do not obsess about being “viral” – focus on critical mass viral! You must reach and engage the right targets that are highly predisposed to purchasing your service or product at a premium and you must achieve high-velocity conversion rates, e.g. speed to cash in the bank. Again – focus not on mass but critical mass! You may only need to impact a very small number of individuals to achieve potent results.

Leaders embrace web videos, podcasts and blogs as effective channels to engage existing customers and attract new ones. To differentiate and seize a competitive e.Edge – be sure you systematically and consistently formulate and produce your productions based on the “E5” essentials.

You will notice – the point of this article was to set the framework – provide Tim Bourquin’s formula and ThinkThroughTools’ beliefs about it. In my opinion – I did NOT APPLY E5! Why? Ideally – you will take initiative and begin to look at your efforts through the E5 lens.

Better yet – communicate and share how you ARE APPLYING one or all of these! In the future we will be providing guidance on each element of the E5 Formula.

If you are looking for help with ideas on how to apply the E5 Formula before this.  Please communicate.  330.623.5910


Let’s do all we can to keep BORING out of blogging, videos and podcasts.