Wouldn’t It Be Awesome to Have a Wearable Device to Sense Our Customer’s Emotions; It May be On the Way


Looking at the customer image above – it’s pretty clear that his emotional state looks as if he is confounded or confused. Who knows? How often do we correctly interpret our customer’s emotions?


The link above will inform you of developments at Amazon to commercialize a wearable emotion sensing device. My first thought was. “Heck – I’m not so concerned about something sensing my emotions (I do appreciate the worth in this) but – what I crave to have is something to help sense my customer’s emotions! Especially during interactions on the phone – or during webinars – and – of course in person. My wife and son have amazing natural abilities to sense about people…. or “read them.” I do not. In fact – I always tend to think, “Wow – this customer is really enthused or receptive.” When often – it’s not the case.

I can also think of many other benefits to have a device sensing customer emotions so that when a communication begins – one is immediately aware of the customer’s emotional state. If they are upset – but trying to mask this – or if they are deceptive or anxious – wow – how helpful it would be to have a device notifying us. And – this is two-way!

If the customer has a similar device or analytic software – they know where our emotional state resides.


We must be ever mindful to “trust our gut.” I get that – I just wish I was better at the practice. Who knows – maybe Amazon or others in this emotion sensing space will soon be providing us with devices or apps that help all of us “check or verify our gut.” We’ll see.

In the meantime – simply do your best to be authentic and sincerely set up each customer for success. Be sure it is the success they crave and desire – not what you “think” they crave and desire.


Next blog will be about an implantable device to help men to be less clueless, stupid and not wrong all of the time in the views of our wives or significant others. Is that at all possible?