Just Go Watch Steve Miller’s; Spray & Pray is not a Marketing Strategy Video

Many years ago (more than I want to state) I had the good fortune to learn about Steve Miller and over the years we have had some interactions via e.mail.

If you are in Outreach or Marketing and you are not familiar with Steve Miller – stop everything you are doing – and GET FAMILIAR WITH STEVE MILLER! 

His most recent book, UNCOPYABLE; How to Create an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition is one – of which – you should have a copy – and you should have your fellow employees/peers get – and be copying what he advocates in his book and teachings.

But first – RIGHT NOW – go to the link below and watch this week’s video from Steve;



What Steve is communicating is exactly what ThinkThroughTools / OutreachU has been advocating for more than 20 years. Those familiar with our teachings will relate to our TargetingMatrix ® in how Steve emphasizes how vital it is for you to know;  “Who is your moose?”

Now please – go get some of his advice and subscribe to his weekly blog/videos too.

FYI – the Flight Request Stimulator blog will be ending soon.

I’d recommend reviewing the past content if you have a true interest at being effective at Outreach and Marketing in the field of Air Medical Transport.

I will be moving on and no longer devoting my energies in the field of Air Medical Transport.

Should you desire to remain in touch e.mail rich.obertots@thinkthroughtools.com – my phone: 330.623.5910 – thanks.

Rich O