No More Air Medical Transport; What Happened?

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In his epic book – Paradigms – Joel Arthur Barked stated, “Ask yourself; What is impossible to do today – but if it were possible – would radically change your industry?” UBER – right!

Because of exciting advances in myriad technologies – the day is coming where very little – if any – air medical transport will be required. We all know this. How far off is this – probably sooner than most believe.

Faith Popcorn taught us all about “Terminal Trend Analysis” – the process of forecasting in reverse the end of a product or an industry. Then do strategic planning aspiring to aniticpate (before known competitors) the sequencing so that one could innovate – adapt – or in today’s popular lexicon “pivot” to survive. I inserted “known competitors” but the highest threat is unknown competitors. They will remain unknown – very little one can do about this – except what; be your own most potent competitor and work scenarios to leap ahead and keep ahead of any organization or threat!


How much are you familiar with work being done in Human Suspended Animation (HSA)? Efforts have long been in place to slow metabolic activity so that negative outcomes do not occur. We’re all familiar with “cooling” cryogenic techniques – and they work. Now amplify this. With HSA it will be possible to keep patients biologically viable – in many circumstances so that – rather than rapid transport and intervention – it will simply be a matter of placing them in an HSA chamber or pod – then – casually and safely transporting them.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) embedded in communications and electronic medical records systems will detect the requirement for a transport. This will activate an autonomous UBER MED vehicle – robots (or maybe humans) will insert the HSA Pod into the vehicle and it will be automatically directed to the appropriate facility – then stored there until resources are available for intervention. No need for speed or drama. Impossible? Not in our lifetime? As Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE often said, “Don’t kid yourself.”


Present day – there are still plenty of Human Factors involved. This is especially evident in who determines which Air Medical Transport provider will be activated. Until AI takes over all activation/dispatch – humans will make decisions on flight requests. We’re already seeing less and less of this as many providers seek to create networks and control these – but – there’s still some time left where those that are most effective at Outreach and earning and stimulating flight requests can prevail. We can surely often influence who is “Making the Call.” And – if you are in fact the flight program that truly can provide those requiring our services WITH THE HIGHEST PROBABILITY OF A POSITIVE OUTCOME – it is your DUTY to be the best a getting the call!



After 19 years at providing training, mentoring and technologies to earn and stimulate flight requests – mostly using Outreach – we know that the flight programs that dominate market spaces need to have all ten elements of their Outreach Operating System at peak performance. The first action we take with a new client is to perform a “Primary Assessment” of their system – and keep doing this – regularly. Known and Unknown Competitors and forces of disruption abound and are always progressing. We all require robust Situational Awareness.

Based on what we forecast emerging that will radically change our industry to increase interventional aviation vs. transport and many other disruptors that are OPPORTUNITIES – be sure;

  • Your Flight Request Stimulating | Outreach Operating System is well architected (All 10 Elements HOT!)
  • You have highly trained full-time professionals in the field developing and fortifying a Critical Mass of Authentic Appropriate Relationships.
  • Be ahead of others preparing for HSA, AI, ML and other technologies and disrutpors that are going to radically change how we operate.
  • Immerse yourself with customers, underwriters and legislators and obsess with understanding what they crave and intend. “Don’t kid yourself.”
  • Especially be mindful and alert to the behaviors and actions of those whose focus is financial. They will implement whatever works – technologies – processes – policies – to reduce costs and generate efficiencies – as they should. Inhabit the being of a Bean Counter and Private Equity player. Think as they think if you want to truly prepare for, “What is impossible to do today – but if it were possible – would radically change your industry.”

ThinkThroughTools CAN HELP YOU WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE. It’s what we do. And – you can begin immediately with our online Flight Request Stimulator / OutreachU learning management system training. Leap ahead and keep ahead – or get out of the way.

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COMING SOON: OUTreach INsights: We have just completed four extended video interviews with leaders in our arena. We’re in the editing phase now and we will be releasing true wisdom from seasoned Outreach professionals to help propel your Outreach and Flight Request Earning and Stimulating efforts forward.