The Book of Outreach for Healthcare; How to Understand & Astonish the Right Customers Consistently


Final preparations are in progress to release The Book of Outreach for Healthcare; How to Understand & Astonish the Right Customers Consistently.

This innovative text is intended for professionals in healthcare that desire to be highly effective, systematized and state-of-the-art in their Outreach practices. It is derived from the original book created for Outreachers in Critical Medical Aviation but opens up its aperture wider with much more detail and sophistication for the ever-disruptive and iterating healthcare eco-system.

Whether a beginner or long-time Outreacher – the wisdom within will be sure to keep you at the leading edge of healthcare Outreach.


The Seven Core Outreach Skillsets to Understand & Astonish the Right Customers Consistently

I How to Set Up Customers for Success Mind-Set ™; discovering and acting upon your customer’s three primary intrinsic drivers to help them (and you) to succeed

II How to Triage Customers Using The OutreachMATRIX ™; a proven method to enable you to focus your scarce resources to achieve peak Outreach results

III Outreach Monthly Modular Plan ™; how to put it all together in a simple segmented way that all Outreachers can easily understand and put into action with consistency and flexibility

IV How to Execute the Most Effective Outreach Events (Place-Based & Digital) Using the EVERlasting Protocol™; designing and orchestrating Outreach events that astonish your customers

V How to Measure Outreach Results using VACC MissionMetrics ™; the four metrics that matter most to your customers and how to deliver on these

VI How to Manage Customer Complaints & Conflicts Using the AIR Protocol ™; bringing consistency and effectiveness to retaining customers when things don’t go so right

VII Outreach Innovation & Differentiation; how to Out-Outreach your competitors by introducing novel and inspiring Outreach initiatives


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The way I see it, “Outreach is; the process of two-way hands-on Human and Digital engagement with customers and community to implement the organization’s marketing strategy. The main objective; to understand and astonish the right customers consistently.”      OutreachU Pilot