OUTreach INsights; ThinkThroughTools’ (OutreachU) Clients Speak Out About Reaching Out

Do you really want to be highly effective at earning and stimulating flight requests using Outreach? If so – this short video will share the OUTreach INsights of four true leaders that have had outstanding success working together with ThinkThroughTools | OutreachU, ltd.



We recently completed 4 hours of video interviews with clients – here are some highlights:

  • “We went from 30 Flights per month to 360 per month in 4 years”
  • “Our EBITDA was $54,000 at the start – 4 years later more than $14,000,000 EBITDA” (Sold Company for $20,000,000)
  • “I use what you taught me every day. Our Net Revenue went from $600M to more than $1.2B in five years”
  • “We had to stop because we were literally flying the rotors off of the helicopters and growing too fast”

We will be curating content from these videos which have captured an astonishing amount of wisdom from our clients/leaders to share with our arena of Critical Medical Aviation because our mission is to inform, inspire and innovate.

Soon, The Book of Outreach for HEALTHCARE; How to Understand & Astonish the Right Customers Consistently will be available at Amazon.com. We also will be creating customized versions for our healthcare clients; to use for internal Outreach training and to provide to their customers to achieve astonishing Outreach results. To be notified upon its release or to learn about Private Label editions that synchronize with our Digital Outreach and On-Demand learning content – be in touch;   rich@outreachu.com


How to Astonish & Engage the Right Customers Consistently

Each day – millions engage in Outreach. Job search engines abound with thousands upon thousands of job titles that include the term Outreach. Yet meager resources exist for Outreaching professionals and volunteers to provide them with field-proven principles and practices to achieve astonishing Outreach results. This has now changed.

Based on more than 40 years spanning critical medical aviation, healthcare and Outreach as a clinician, university-level educator and in executive roles with more than 52 years in business and as an entrepreneur – Rich Obertots has compiled essential information from his hard-earned wisdom, real-world application and continuous innovations developed working with clients across Australia, Canada and the USA to inform you and your organization to consistently achieve astonishing Outreach results.

The Book of Outreach is all about Applied Science and Applied Artistry. Having created more than 280 principles and templates that work from the Practitioner level to the Master level – this resource focuses on the Seven Most Essential Foundational Principles. When you execute correctly and relentlessly on these – you will succeed at Outreach like never before. And – should you aspire to become a Certified Outreach Practitioner ™ this will prepare you for the exam and practical.

Outreach is happening at unprecedented rates – yet – so many are floundering if not failing at it. Mostly because there is so little formalized information and so few practical tools and templates about what to do and how to be effective. Those days are over. The Outreach Operating System you require is here.

If you are actively involved in healthcare Outreach – if you aspire to seek a fulfilling career in Outreach – if you are an employer responsible and accountable to lead, guide and mentor Outreachers or if you simply want to know more about Outreach – good for you. You have found the no-nonsense guide that will provide you with proven principles and practices to achieve astonishing Outreach results.

Outreach is a noble endeavor. Now proceed to better accomplish your noble work and deeds and have some fun too.

To be notified before the book goes live at Amazon.com e.mail rich@outreachu.com